this is gonna be for my funnty stupid monkey thoughts. SOoooooooooooooo ddon't really yake anything I say here seriously or like think about it more than surface level. I'm dumb and sometimes I need and outlet for all my thoughts. Yk in school i don't really have classes with friends so I need SOMEWHERE to screech my ugly thoughts. Ok ok thanbsk!!

oh yah silly brain


LOL i found out how to veiw the website source/code on school chromebooks!!!!!111! I stole the code for the window opening thing like 2 seconds ago YIPPIE! if you wann kno how here's how:


So what you want to do is open the cached version of the website you are trying to veiw the code of. So if you google something there will be three dot snext to the links. click them then look for where it says "cached". after that on the top there will be a tool bar type thing and you want to click "view source". and BOOYA you did it!! but let's say you have a link, but no three dots!!! want you wanna do is type "cahce:" in front of the url then it will open up it's cached version (no quotes btw). for the two people who saw this, YOU'RE WELCOME!! :DD this won't work with every website, sadly, Like it doesn't work on this one lol not sure why tho

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