ok... rude much?

get dunked on I WAS kIDDING!! you can totally click on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK ANWAYS! I'm a shifter lol, haven't done it (YET) but I LOVE the commnity and the idea. SOOO why not go on unhinged rambles about it????? YASSS again, i'm no expert I'm just a stinky gremlin with internet access



"ermmm... isn't shifting a 2020 TikTok thing............" NO YOU STUPID IDIOT!!!!!1 I absolutely hate it when people say or thing this. Shifting has been around for YEARRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSs!!!!! it is literally nothing new. It only resurfaced and gained traction because people were in lockdown and wanted escape from being stuck in their houses for so long. That paired with the fact that tiktok was the most popular social media at the time it all came together. It wasn't just thought up out of nowhere. Even I personally have been in the shifting community late 2019, way before all the covid shit went down. So don't get it twisted and illegitimize shifting as a practice. (lmfao I'm this is just an angry ramble). ALSO i hate it when people are like "respect all beliefs!!!!1!1111 but when it comes to topics like shifting, witchcraft, spirituality, otherkin, and other "unsual" or "unpopulr" beliefs people do a 180 and start dissing on these beliefs. Like c'mon dude let's not be hypocritical. if it's not hurting anyone (including the person practicing it) then whats the DAMN ISSUE???AHH ok I think my angry rant is over

Ok so maybe you don't know what shifting is. WELL WOOP DE DOO DO I HAVE A TREAT TO FOR YOU!!!!!! wait hold up quick disclaimer uhm even though shifting is super cool and is one of the largest reasons I'm still living It can come with it's fair share of negative stuff. If you're in a dark place right now please be careful when venturing into shifting. It can become sort of addictive and can lead to negative thinking. I know that for me at first, I obsessed over the idea of shifting and the longer I went without shifting the more obssessed and even more depressed I got. Thankfully I got out of that way of thinking and realised no matter what I will shift no matter how long it takes it will happen and I just tried to stop obssessing.

okayy now that we got the formalities out of the way this is what's going down >:) Shifting is a practice where a person "shifts" their conciousness to a different reality/universe. essentianlly you become aware of yourself in a different reality therefore transporting your consiousness to said reaility. There are many different methods and tools you can use to acheive this!!!!! some of these ARE...

  • there are like a billion different ways to shift these are just the more common/popular!! Most shifters (me INCLUDED) agree that you don't need anything besided yourself in order to shift. Not saying you shouldn't use these resources, it's just they're not ESSENTIAL. personally I like to "feel" things as I'm shifting.. i think there is a method name for this (maybe 5 senses method idk I forgot) but I like to hear,smell,see,touch,and FEEL my DR. it just helps me feel like I'm already there (which pst you technically are). Oh yeah thats a common shifting misconception. People tend to believe that by shfiting/scripting you are CREATING a new reality but this isn't the case. In accordance with the multiverse theory, every single possible senario, circumstance, and possibity is already happening. Soooooo what does this have to do with aything??? WELL!!! As you script and visualise your ideal senarios they are already happening they are real and you are already there. By scripting all your doing is narrowing down the realities and choosing to focus and become concious of one. pretty nifty eh??

    I'm planning on shifting to like a million different DR's LMFAO like I genunienly have TOO MANY! for some I don't even have scripts (you don't need one btw) they're just concepts lol. I've gotten pretty close lately but I've kinda been dealing with burnout. It've been getting real tired lately and it's difficult yk? school has also been KILLING ME but whatever. In my heart I know I'm close and no matter what I WILL shift. I have to shift, it's all I have left. It's all I have.


    whoooopsies sorry for getting all emo depressed LOL . anways you know when you get to thinking about shifting is actually so fucking insane. I feel like i've never really let the though sink out of fear but when you really thinking about it, it's actually so mortifying what shifting means. Our live here are so small and insignificant it's crazy. To think that our exsistance, our experiences, and our lives, are just a drop in the ocean of what we can do is scary. We can be, do, say, expereince,and think whatever the hell we want. We can be immortal. for ever shifting and forever experiencing and learning. A part of me then wonders what will happen when we die. what is our afterlife? what is after everything? I mean we could just make our own afterlife. We can die a million times and come back another million. There are infinite things we can do and after it all, we can do it all over again. start anew. It's crazy. Sometimes I wonder what i'm going to do and how I'm going to keep myself from not losing it all. How am I going to keep myself sane? (script it LMFAO) i just think it's so mindblowing what we can do. Nothing is beyond our grasp,there is nothing we cannot do. we could save the world, kill millions, be a god, be a table, OR ANYTHING. I also think, what if i start to lose myself? You can literally script your own perdonality so will it even be me? how will I see myself after I reach my true potential? or what if I become evil? I'll be honest, I struggle with morality a lot, sometimes I get unsavory thoughts and ideas. They're not fun and they scare me but I'm strong enough not to act on them, but what if I'm not? One of the biggest reaons I don't do a lot of things is because I'll get in trouble (fyi just wanna make it clear i'm not bragging or trying to be cool. It's a serious issue I deal with and I know I need to get help). so what will happen to me after those consequences are no longer there. when I liteally can never get punished? what will I turn in to? idk man these are some scary thoughts and questions. Whatever, I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Things will sort themselves out.

    my FAVS

    ok so these are some of MY FAV shifting content :DD

    ok so I'm gonna add more to this later, I'm not about to be searching for shifting content on my school chromebook lmfao.